Florence connects UK care homes to temporary staff

Avoid using expensive agencies. If your care facility is facing rota gaps, we can fill them safely with exclusive nurses and carers.

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  • At least one year of work experience
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  • Up-to-date training certificates
  • Two references
  • Passport/Biometric ID Card (to confirm your identity)
See a detailed checklist of everything you need to start booking shifts on Florence.
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Homes post their shifts to Florence daily

All shifts posted to Florence include a full description, skill requirements, location and pay information.

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Florence is free to use for nurses and carers and accessible from any device, including your mobile phone.

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Your timesheet is sent straight to the care home and is approved online — no paper, no signatures, no hassle.

Replace agencies with exclusive staff

We know you still need help filling rota gaps safely, but working with multiple agency staff is discouraged right now. Florence Exclusive helps you book quality nurses and carers to fill your shifts, while helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
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Engage staff exclusively for longer

Book quality nurses and carers for a longer contract. The same nurse or carer will work with you for an extended period - so you won’t have to use different agency staff. Limiting the people at your facility will help lower the risk of infection.
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Exclusive staff reduce infection risk

A nurse or carer booked through Florence Exclusive will contractually agree not to work with any other providers. Our daily Covid-19 screening also means you can rest assured you’re engaging staff with a negative test.
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Our platform allows care homes to communicate with and post shifts directly to nurses and carers across the country.
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Top questions from home managers

What is Florence Exclusive?

Florence Exclusive allows a single caregiver to work with you for an extended period (1 month minimum), rather than several different temporary staff members. During this time, the nurse or carer will contractually agree not to work with any other providers.

Who can I book for exclusive work?

You can exclusively book any nurse or carer you have previously worked with through Florence.

How long can I get exclusive staff for?

You can book care staff exclusively for a contract lasting one month at minimum.

Can I block book instead?

Yes. If you would prefer to block book a nurse or carer, you can do so for a maximum period of up to one month.

What is the difference between exclusive booking and block booking?

Exclusively booking care staff means they contractually cannot work with another care provider for the duration of your booking. Block bookings do not involve a contract, so the nurse or carer may work elsewhere.

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